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The current price of Ravencoin(RVN) is: 0.01967722

Welcome to

Rocket Raven is a solution for learning more about the Ravencoin (RVN) Blockchain. We hope to make it an amazing knowledgebase on learning how to manage your assets here on RocketRaven is great for first time users of the ravencoin Blockchain and understanding how to manage NFTs & Assets. No need to download or install a wallet. is a solution for managing RVN assets and understanding all the logic and turning all the technical information into an easy to digest knowledgebase and resource.We HIGHLY reccommend to always send assets (NFT & Ravencoin) from any online/web wallets to your own personal self custody managed wallets such as the Ravencore Wallet which you download to your own personal computer. There is a saying in crypto "NOT your keys, NOT your crypto" Click here to learn more how to safely and securely manage your assets

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow Peer to Peer NFT / asset transactions on the Ravencoin blockchain minimizing risk and using the Trustless network for asset transfers. Consider us Middleware for you P2P asset transfers.

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The road to adoption is information and marketing, we find that utilizing every pathway to start a conversation or to simply bring the Ravencoin Logo to the forefront and into the mainstream is one pathway.

Rock this Official Ravencoin Tee and start a conversation and help more people learn the great work that is happening here on as well as the Ravencoin Blockchain with NFT Minting, Asset creation, Asset tokenization and more!

Ravencoin is a NFT Asset based CryptoCurrency designed with Asset Tokenisation in mind. RVN is a great POW (Proof Of Work) Mineable Crypto Blockchain. KAWPOW is the algo for Ravencoin and the ledger analyzes and stores NFT Token Assets on chain as a Layer 1 Crypto Blockchain.

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Ravencoin Community Building

Play the FIRST Game minted on Ravencoin as an NFT/Asset

Welcome to The Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones 8 Bit game. Your mission is to survive and find the source for the mutations. The people of Cronesville are depending on YOU! Can you SURVIVE? There are many hidden NFT in the game, will YOU be the first to find them?
Game Developed by: @SIRCRONE Support the Cronenberg Gang

How to Mint NIFTYMON Ravencoin NFT Game RVN Generative Minting w/ SirCRONE & Nifty Raven

In this video we will explore the easy and simple process of minting NIFTYMON in the Nifty Discord: The NIFTY Discord
We will be using the Ravencore Ravencoin Asset Wallet to send and receive Ravencoin and NIFTYMON Tokens
Video Brought to you by:

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